• Our home raised Black Angus beef
  • Started on grass pasture hay and finished on hay and corn feed
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics used
  • Sold as whole, halves, or quarters priced for hanging weight which includes processing (cut, wrapped, and frozen). Please contact us to inquire about our current prices.

The chuck is from the front of the cow where the shoulder and upper leg area are located. These cuts are best when cooked slower and produce a good flavor for roasts or braised dishes. Some cuts are blade, chuck eye, arm roast, 7-bone roast, and more.

Fore Shank

The fore shank is from the lower front abdomen and thigh region of the cow. This area is low in fat because it is used regularly by the cow. Cooking slowly at low heat is best. It is often prepared by cutting into 1 inch cubes for stews.


Brisket is from the front lower chest area of the cow. This is a wonderfully flavorful cut of meat that needs to be cooked just the right way. It has a medium amount of fat and can be a bit tough. It is best slow cooked and marinated.


This is the center rib section of the cow. It has many versatile cuts and cooking methods. Some common ones are ribeye filet, ribeye steak, rib roast, back ribs and many others. With a moderate fat content these can be cooked with low to medium heat.

Short Plate

Short plate is a section in the middle of the cow below the ribs. This area of the cow produces cuts with some good fat but they can be a bit tough. These are best for braising or grilling. Cuts are skirt steak, hangar steak, and sometimes a portion of the brisket.

Short Loin

The short loin is the beginning portion of the hindquarter of the animal. This is where the cuts in the highest demand come from. These are the tender steaks that cook best with high heats. T-bone steak, sirloin steak, and porterhouse are from this region of the cow.


The round is the back leg section of the cow where many roasts and other cuts come from. The leg has lower fat content because it is used more frequently. Steaks and rounds are better done at a higher heat and the roasts and rump cuts are better for slow oven cooking.