• Our home raised Jumbo Cornish Rock Cross Broilers
  • Flavorful and tender
  • Average weight ranges from 4 to 8 lbs.
  • Please contact us to inquire about current prices.

The neck of the chicken is one of the most underrated parts. While it does not have a lot of meat tissue, out has lots of connective tissue and bones to make a wonderful stock or broth. The neck is usually cheap so it is a good deal.


The chicken breast is the most widely used part of the chicken. It has a low-fat content and can be used in many different dishes. The white meat picks up flavors from other spices and vegetables and is very versatile.


The chicken wing is a party favorite cut from the chicken. From mild to extra spicy sauce, there is a flavor for everyone. Relatively cheap and fun finger food, chicken wings on game day are the way to go.


Drumsticks are the lower portion of the leg from the chicken. Drumsticks have some meat on them and are a great finger food. They are tasty with sauces or barbecued.


The chicken thigh is the section extending up above the drumstick. The thigh is made of dark meat and has slightly more fat than the breast.